Stories and Testimonials


Here’s what previous students have said about the Tim Training Course.


“Regularly committing time to be face to face with God’s holy Word and struggling to hear it, to understand it, and then to think about how to teach and encourage that to others has had an amazing effect on my own relationship with God.”Toby, studying at Bible college


“It’s given me a great opportunity to meet with other Christians and people who minister in different areas, and for us to work alongside each other.”Pam, student and young adults ministry


“I really needed some training to preach and to be able to unpack the Scriptures a bit better, because I would be doing that as part of my job.”Cam, Christianity Explored national coordinator


“Pondering on a passage of scripture, digging out the truths and putting them into a short talk has been very rewarding. TIM has also been helpful in giving me the encouragement and confidence to begin one to one studies with women at church.”Jenny, womens ministry coordinator


“Whether it’s Leviticus or Revelation or Marks Gospel, the Tim course gives you the tools you need to faithfully exegete the text and explain what you have found in that passage to those you are teaching in a way that helps them understand it too. I thoroughly enjoyed my two years at the Tim course and wish I could do it again! “Nathan C, ministry intern in Auckland


“I’ve learned the importance of understanding the different genres in the Bible, and how understanding it really affects the way that you teach the passage.”Tim, assistant pastor in Christchurch


“I’ve learned a lot about putting a talk together, getting into a passage and pulling the right things out of it.”Nathan S, ministry trainee in Christchurch