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    Planning for 2020 is Underway

    We are well underway with planning for 2020! We’ve received an unprecedented number of applications already and are expecting more. 2020 promises to be our largest class of students thus far. We are very grateful for the growing interest in the Tim Course and pray we will be a blessing to all those who participate. If you are thinking about joining us, get your application in ASAP! The content of our website is being updated at this time, so check back over the next few weeks and see what’s new!

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    2016 End of Year Service

    The Gospel Training Trust invites you to the Tim Training Course End of Year Service for students, their families, GTT supporters and friends.   Friday, 21 November at 19:30–21:00   Highsted Road Christian Assembly – 84 Highsted Road, Bishopdale, ChCh   https://www.facebook.com/events/1224587140949277/

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    Tim Training Course Information Evening 2015

    The Tim Training Course is a 1 day a week course (Mondays) running over 2 years which has as its aim to train Christians to understand and be able to preach and teach God’s Word in a variety of contexts. The course aims to equip the students to understand God’s word accurately and to proclaim and apply it appropriately. Please come along and/or recommend people in your congregations to attend our Information Evening where they can learn more about the Course. Email admin@timtrainnigcourse.org if you are interested in coming along. See our FaceBook event for more details – https://www.facebook.com/events/400405250155351/

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    John Woodhouse teaching on “Preaching Evangelistically from Old Testament Narratives”

                On 9 March 2015, we were privileged to host John Woodhouse, former Principal of Moore Theological College provide a series of lectures for our students on “Preaching Evangelistically from Old Testament Narratives”. Here are John’s articles in The Briefing. His series on unity was particularly helpful to me a number of years ago.

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    Canon of Scripture

    Recently in class I was asked about some helpful resources regarding the reliability of the Bible. Or more specifically, how can we know the 66 books we have in our Protestant Canon are the right ones and all there should be? I mentioned F. F. Bruce’s classic, Canon of Scripture along with Bruce Metzger’s The Canon of the New Testament: Its Origin, Development and Significance. However, to my shame I neglected to mention a more current, and truly the most helpful scholar on this subject – Michael J. Kruger of Canon Fodder! You will find a vast amount of helpful items on his blog along with links to his books. I would draw…

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    CANCELLED: SMBC and TIM partner to offer accredited course in Christchurch

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: SMBC Course in Christchurch next week has been cancelled.       If you have not already heard, The Tim Training Course under the oversight of The Gospel Training Trust is partnering with Sydney Missionary Bible College to offer ACT accredited courses here in Christchurch. The first is in just a few weeks: In first semester 2015, SMBC is offering a foundational New Testament unit in DSC mode in Christchurch. Pending first semester enrolments, our hope and expectation will be to offer a second, Old Testament foundational unit in second semester 2015. Perhaps you or someone in your congregation would benefit from this opportunity to begin formal theological…