What do we do?

“Training Bible teachers for the local church”.

The Tim Training Course runs on Mondays, during school terms, over two years. In that time learners will take a deep dive into a variety of different books of the Bible, receiving practical training (and feedback!) to help them teach the Bible to others. We will also survey the big story of the Bible, discuss the main ideas of Christian theology, and consider what sort of person a Bible teacher must be.

Why do we do it?

When the Bible is taught God’s voice is heard. 

We want to see many Christian people prepared to ‘correctly handle the word of truth’ in today’s church. This will include preachers, Bible study leaders, Sunday School teachers, youth group volunteers, and people who teach the Bible to others 1-2-1.

Our desire is to equip many men and women to understand the Bible accurately, teach the Bible effectively and apply the Bible appropriately.
TIM Training Course
TIM Training Course

Who is it for?

We welcome women and men who share our evangelical convictions from all Christian churches and denominations. (Click here for ‘Our Beliefs – Gospel Training Trust)

We are looking for learners who are F.A.S.T.

  • F = Faithful. Those who trust the Lord and are keen to serve him.
  • A = Available. Willing to commit the time and energy needed to complete the course.
  • S = Service Oriented. Those who are not just looking to grow personally, but also serve others through Bible teaching.
  • T = Teachable. Ready and willing to learn, giving new things a go!

In the past our students have included church staff and apprentices, preachers, youth and children’s workers, Bible study leaders, women’s workers, people involved in student outreach and discipleship, key ministry helpers and volunteers.

The Tim Training Course is not just for people in paid Christian work. Some churches use the course as a resource for their Ministry Apprentices, as well as individuals who are looking for training and feedback but are not in paid ministry.

How does it work?

The Tim Training Course runs for two years. You can join the course at the beginning of any year, which will either be ‘Year A’ or ‘Year B’. The order doesn’t matter! In each year we will cover the basics of Bible teaching and how to plan a talk.

Teaching the Bible: We will look closely at the Gospels, New Testament Letters, Wisdom Books and Old Testament Narratives.
Text to Talk: Students will prepare and present talks from Mark’s gospel, Romans, Proverbs and 1 Samuel.
Extras: Experienced preachers will lead us through the books of Exodus and Revelation, and we will consider the main ideas of Christian Theology.

Teaching the Bible: We will look closely at the Acts of the Apostles, Biblical Poetry, Old Testament Prophecy and Old Testament Law.
Text to Talk: Students will prepare and present talks from Acts, Psalms, Isaiah and Numbers.
Experienced preachers will lead us through the books of 2 Timothy and James, a Bible Overview and we will think about the character and godliness of a Bible teacher

For an example of what this looks like, download our Course Schedule for 2023 here.

The Behan Library is also available on site.  This library has over 1,000 sound theological books including commentaries, doctrinal studies and books on preaching and teaching. The Behan Library is free to Tim students. For more information, see the online catalogue by clicking here.

What does it cost?

In 2023, the annual fees are $1,995.

We do not want cost to prevent anyone from doing the Tim Training Course. Please speak with your church leadership, and contact us, if you would like help to find financial support.

Who are we?

Rob Morton - Course Director

Rob is our Course Director, and he leads about half of our sessions together. Rob has been a pastor and church planter. He is passionate about training others for ministry in the local church. Before joining the Tim Training Course, Rob was working as a training enabler for a national network of churches.

James de Costabadie

Costa came from the UK to NZ in 2005 to serve in gospel ministry. He is now the minister at Latimer Church in Christchurch. Costa is the chair of the board for the Gospel Training Trust. He teaches several New Testament book studies and provides student feedback for the Tim Training Course.

Jay Behan

Jay is the first Bishop of the Diocese of the Church of Confessing Anglicans Aotearoa/New Zealand. He was previously the minister at St Stephen’s Anglican Church. Jay serves on the board of the Gospel Training Trust and teaches Exodus and the Bible Overview for the Tim Training Course.

From time to time we also welcome other speakers from churches around New Zealand, as well as overseas.

Want to join us?

If you have further questions, or you’d like to express your interest in joining the Tim Training Course, you can email the Course Director Rob Morton by clicking here.

Our latest “Enrolment Form” is available for download here.

All training sessions are held at 84 Highsted Road, Bishopdale.

For general enquiries, email our Course Administrator by clicking here.

Want to support us?

If you would like to help us train Bible teachers for the local church, we would welcome your prayers and financial support!

Donations to the Tim Training Course can assist current students who require help with their fees, contribute to our staffing costs so that we can develop our programme and create new training opportunities, or you may like to help us purchase quality resources for the Behan Library.

To find out how to donate to the Tim Training Course please email our administrator, Fiona Lee, by clicking here